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Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Bayside Escrow offers a wide range of top quality escrow services. Click on any service below to learn more.



The team of professionals at Bayside Escrow have decades of experience handling residential escrow settlement, ensuring the needs and requirements are met by all parties involved in the transaction. We understand that buying a home is the most important real estate investment you will ever make, and you can be confident that your escrow transaction is handled professionally, accurately and with diligence.



Commercial escrow settlement involves transferring property such as industrial property, note sale transactions, retail property, offices or apartment complexes. At Bayside Escrow, we understand the unique aspects of handling commercial escrow and note sale transactions, as these transactions often become very complex. In many cases, the escrow officer is the sole party with a grasp of every transaction and closing requirement. Count on Bayside Escrow agents to have the skill set necessary to manage every detail of commercial real estate escrow transactions.


Real Estate Owned

Real estate owned (REO) or foreclosure escrow transactions are very different from regular real estate escrow, and in many cases more complex. These escrow transactions require a unique and specialized approach, including strict adherence to sale conditions when the property is owned by a bank. As REO sellers are usually dealing with a large volume, many employ a number of professionals who manage the sale of bank properties.


To ensure REO escrow transactions are closed as quickly as possible, the officers at Bayside Escrow proactively manage and resolve any problems before a delay can occur and monitor the performance of the transaction daily.


Short Sales

Short sales are transactions in which the sales price is lower than the balance owed on the property's loan and closing costs, with the lender deciding to allow the sale for less than the amount owed with the seller receiving no proceeds from the sale. Homeowners turn to short sales to avoid the greater harm to their credit rating associated with foreclosure, while lenders benefit by avoiding the greater expenses associated with the foreclosure process.


Bayside Escrow has a team of short sale professionals who understand the inherent complexity of short sale escrow transactions. We will guide you through the entire process and work toward successful closing while managing every detail and maintaining a proactive approach to avoid delays.


Note Sale Transaction

It's vital to choose an escrow officer experienced in handling note sale transactions, as these escrow transactions are very different than regular residential escrow. For example, many note sales have short time lines in escrow, and it is our duty to handle the closing time line and handle communications between parties as efficiently as possible. Surprise problems often come up and must be addressed immediately to prevent delays.


For Sale By Owner

Many consumers attempt to save money by buying or selling a property on their own without an agent. Bayside Escrow manages escrow accounts involving For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties. Our agents are experienced in dealing with these unique escrow transactions and ensure all city, county, state and federal requirements are met and all parties receive the necessary disclosures and forms to complete the transaction successfully.


Refinances and Loans

Refinancing involves paying off an existing loan with proceeds from a new loan, typically to reduce the term of a home loan or reduce monthly payments through lower interest rates. Refinancing can be a very problematic process, and it is our job to approach refinancing escrow transactions to resolve any problems or hurdles efficiently before they delay closing.


Auction Sales

Our escrow officers have years of experience helping investors and consumers through this complex process with unparalleled, professional and efficient auction sale escrow services. Closing escrow on auction sales in California requires an experienced escrow team capable of handling any issues that may arise to delay closing, and there are specific requirements that must be met.


Probate or Ownership Challenged Escrow Services

The escrow officers at Bayside Escrow have years of experience handling this unique and very challenging real estate transactions. Our probate escrow services are unparalleled with the dedication and knowledge you need to avoid potentially costly and time-consuming issues along the way.



Bayside Escrow has decades of experience in often complex trust purchases in California. Our trust escrow services include professional management of every detail of the trust purchase transaction to mitigate risk and allow all parties involved to do business in confidence.


IRA Custodian Ownership

Bayside Escrow has years of experience helping consumers invest properly in real estate to secure their financial future. We manage every aspect of IRA custodian purchase transactions, and our IRA escrow services ensure all escrow documents are vested in the name of your IRA custodian. Our escrow officers handle these unique transactions regularly and offer a simplified approach to ensure the transaction meets strict federal guidelines.


Multi-Unit/Multi-Family Units

Closing escrow on multi-family properties in California comes with unique challenges. Count on the professionals at Bayside Escrow for a simple, streamlined approach with superb, flawless service that ensures every party involved maintains confidence in the escrow process.


Own Your Owns

At Bayside Escrow, our escrow officers have a great deal of experience managing OYO escrow transactions. Given the complexity of these unique and uncommon transactions, it is important to work with an escrow company with the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the transaction closes on time.



Bayside Escrow has years of experience handling co-op escrow accounts. Our professional escrow officers can help set up escrow accounts for co-op buyers to satisfy bank or co-op requirements in a timely, professional fashion.


Double Escrows

Count on Bayside Escrow's double escrow service to simplify and streamline these complicated transactions and ensure all requirements are met for on-time closing.