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    Trust our Experienced & Professional
    Escrow Officers
    Real Estate Agents, Homeowners and Mortgage Lenders use our
    services because we provide a personal and professional
    experience to our clientele.
    Bayside Escrow Residential Service
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    Bayside Escrow Services
    Our Escrow Officers at Bayside Escrow are dedicated
    to consistent, personalized Service throughout
    the entire Escrow Transaction Process.
    Reliable, Responsive, Problem-free.
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    Bayside Escrow Services
    Bayside Escrow offers a wide variety
    of top quality Escrow Services
    From Residential to Commercial Escrows, you can rely on
    Bayside Escrow to exceed your expectations.

California's Premier Escrow Company

We are a full-service independent escrow company dedicated to exceeding our client's every expectation. From the request for opening through processing and closing each transaction, our team of professionals remain in constant communication with every party involved to eliminate uncertainty. We put people first! 



Our team of qualified professionals ensures every requirement is met by all parties involved in residential real estate transactions. We know that buying a home is one of the most important investments any consumer will make. You can be confident that Bayside Escrow will handle every detail with professionalism and diligence. 


Bayside Escrow is experienced with commercial escrow settlement, which includes the transfer of property such as apartment complexes, office buildings and retail centers. We recognize the unique needs of handling commercial escrow and note sale transactions.


Our team has experience handling escrow for vacant land transactions throughout California to eliminate worries of every party involved and handle every detail efficiently and accurately.


Short Sales

Short sales are real estate transactions in which the sales price is less than the balance owed on the property's closing costs and mortgage. It is the lender who makes the decision to sell the property for less than the amount owed, and the lender does so by accepting the available equity with the agreement that the seller receives no proceeds from the sale.

For Sale By Owner

Many people decide to save money by buying or selling real estate on their own. This option can save considerable money, but it cannot be done without strict adherence to local, state and federal guidelines.



Refinancing can often be problematic. Count on Bayside Escrow to proactively tackle any pending problems and hurdles to the closing process by managing every detail.


Our Mission Statement -- Putting You First


Bayside Escrow ServicesAt Bayside Escrow, our mission to offer accurate, independent and professional escrow services for residential, commercial, land and refinance transactions. We remain dedicated to staying informed of and adapting to new legislation, technology and trends in our industry. Above all else, we believe in listening to the unique needs of our customers and keeping them up-to-date in a courteous fashion.

Bayside Escrow is a Professional Modern Dependable Dynamic Reliable full-service,
independent escrow company serving California.

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Bayside Escrow offers a wide range of top quality escrow services.
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