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IRA Custodian Ownership Escrow Services

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During these current uncertain economic times, many people have made the decision to review their retirement options and look for new opportunities to secure their future. One such option is investing in real estate through your IRA account.


Because these real estate transactions are strictly regulated, you must know the guidelines before proceeding. The property must grow your IRA through rental proceeds or other earnings, including farmland, timberland and rental properties. The property cannot be for personal use by yourself or family members and it cannot be used for personal gain.


The purchase of the property must also be done with the IRA funds and the property must be titled in the name of the custodian for your IRA. This step makes it clear that the IRA is the owner of the property.


When you decide to buy real estate with your IRA, you will need to open an escrow for the transaction and proceed with due diligence. Bayside Escrow has years of experience helping consumers invest properly in real estate to secure their financial future. We manage every aspect of IRA custodian purchase transactions, and our IRA escrow services ensure all escrow documents are vested in the name of your IRA custodian. Our escrow officers handle these unique transactions regularly and offer a simplified approach to ensure the transaction meets strict federal guidelines.